Family Dollar Stores Recall List States

Family Dollar Stores Recall List States

Family Dollar Stores Recall List States

Family Dollar Stores Recall List States, Is the family dollar going out of business? why are all the family dollar stores closing? How to report a family dollar store

Family Dollar initiated a massive voluntary recall on the 21st of July of certain products improperly stored, according to an announcement from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The recall affects products available at retail stores.

More than 400 products were affected by the recall, which range from mouthwash and cold medicine to hand sanitizers and sunscreens. The items include names like Tylenol, DayQuil, Crest, and Advil as well as other brands. The entire list of the products is available on the FDA website.

The FDA stated that the recalled items were “stored in a temperature that was not labeled as specifications” as well as “inadvertently delivered” to several stores from around May 1 to June 20.

When the recall was announced, Family Dollar had not received any complaints from customers or reports of illnesses.

“Family Dollar has informed its affected stores to ask them to review their inventory immediately and to cease sales of affected items,” the FDA stated. “Customers who purchased affected products can return the products at their local Family Dollar store where they were purchased, without a receipt.”

The recall is not applicable only to Delaware, Alaska, or Hawaii The FDA said, noting that Family Dollar does not have any stores in those two states. They also found that no store located in Delaware was affected by any of the products that were recalled.

If consumers experience an adverse reaction to one of the products that have been recalled If they experience an adverse reaction to any of the recalled products, the FDA advised calling their doctor and submitting the specifics of their reactions to MedWatch, the FDA’s adverse event reporting program.

Family Dollar Stores Recall List States
Family Dollar Stores Recall List States

The FDA also suggested contacting Family Dollar Customer Service at 844-436-7687 should customers have any questions regarding the recall or products.

Family Dollar is a variety store chain that has thousands of locations across almost every state in the nation. In 2015 Family Dollar was purchased from Dollar Tree.

This season, Family Dollar stores in six states shut down after more than 22,000 rodents were found in a distribution center in Arkansas which prompted the voluntary recall of all products. The recall was affecting around 400 shops. source

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