Foxit Mod Apk Download Latest Version 10-11 2022

Foxit Mod Apk Download Latest Version 10-11 2022

Foxit Mod Apk Download Latest Version 10-11 2022

Foxit Mod Apk Download Latest Version 10-11 2022– Foxit Mod Apk is a PDF reader which contains a number of unique features that work with these documents in a breeze. It is very useful for downloading and it works better than Adobe Reader when it comes to loading documents and reading them in a unique manner.

Using the tabs in Foxit Reader Mod Apk to read many documents at once, and the bookmark feature to easily visit a certain section of the text. Except for PDX, it is entirely compatible with almost all Adobe proprietary software files.

Foxit Mod Apk Download Latest Version 10-11 2022
Foxit Mod Apk Download Latest Version 10-11 2022

For processing all media files which get encoded pdf documents Foxit Reader provides a multimedia player which is typical in many e-books and which magnifies the glass to see finer details in pages to scroll features automatically. It also allows us to highlight text, annotate documents and draw on PDF pages.

Not only to change the documents which are already being created but it also allows us to create PDF files from scratch, using other compatible text documents, scanned documents, or the clipboard as a starting point.

Description of Foxit PDF Editor

It is a handy application which is totally used for editing PDF files in the same way that Acrobat do. as it also shares many of the features alike which are probably one of the most important points in Foxit PDF Editor Mod Apk.

In fact, the Foxit PDF Editor is so identical to Acrobat that its menus, toolbars, and icons are all the same, with the exception that the Foxit PDF editor is simpler and lighter.

We can access all of the basic functions that we would like to expect from a pdf app of this type when you use this kind of tool. Not only this but to mention a few features, you can make notes and comments, retouch or move text, attach multimedia assets, and encrypt the document which makes you more helpful and which makes your file fantastic.

On this kind of app, you can easily edit your PDFs because you will be controlling each and every component. It is a fantastic tool. It’s the ideal tool for keeping track of your PDF files.

In comparison to the other apps, it is a kind of PDF reader which can do a lot of other things . For Example, this application does not use to visit the PDF files but it can be used to create them, sign them, and can make annotations. Foxit Reader is a PDF reader that also does a lot of other things. The app can not only be used to view PDF files, but it can also be used to create them, sign them, and make annotations.

There are also Foxit Reader plugins for Microsoft Office programs (including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) that make it simple to convert common file types and create PDFs from almost any file you can open.

Overall, It has enhanced our document creation, handling, and research collation processes significantly. It has increased our efficiency in many ways by introducing direct features that simplify normally time-consuming processes of conversion and reconversion between multiple file formats. Finally, it has the ability to swiftly republish personally identifiable information (PII) from project reports before sharing it with unauthorized people allowing us to effortlessly adhere to data security rules.

1NameFoxit PDF Editor
2UpdatedOctober 5, 2022, 15:35 pm
3Compatible with4.4 and up
4Last version11.3.5.0421
5Size76 MB
6MODNo Ads
8Google Play LinkClickHere

The Foxit PDF Reader is the most advanced PDF reader available today

Overall, Foxit PDF is one of the great choices because it is safe and secure, especially with the DocuSign security feature. Without any compatibility concerns, we can directly edit and save the PDF and share it without any complications. Foxit Reader is a very helpful application that will honestly solve all of our difficulties. It is a truly all-in-one solution for all kinds of PDF-related requirements. Without any compatibility concerns, we can directly edit and save the PDF and share it with anyone. The main advantage you get will be that it is the most user-friendly software for work. This kind of operation is what we use for all of our document reading and editing needs.

Features of Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor has worked hard to stay up with the competition from Adobe Acrobat by giving powerful and comprehensive features that provide a smooth PDF management experience. Here are some of the best features of Foxit PDF Editor.

Edit PDF documents

  • Cut/copy/paste, rotate, move, flip, and delete graphics/images are all options.
  • Paragraphs can be reformatted, reflowed, moved, and resized.
  • PDF text can be added, deleted, and edited (bullets, fonts, numbering, and alignment).
  • Bookmarks, hyperlinks, headers and footers, backgrounds, and watermarks can all be added, edited, and deleted.
  • Replace PDF content by searching for it.
  • In a document, spell-check and repair mistakes.
  • PDF pages can be extracted, inserted, deleted, reordered, replaced, split, duplicated, cropped, and rotated.
  • Consolidate several PDF files and pages into a single document.
  • To reorder PDF pages, use bookmarks.
  • Create Bookmarks, import and export them.
  • Compress PDFs to make them more efficient.
  • Tweak Metadata and other PDF document attributes.
  • Link and join Text together.
  • In a PDF, you can include video and audio.
  • Image annotations can be included.

Convert and create PDFs

When we do not want to edit PDFs, we can use Foxit Mod Apk to convert them to PDF format. The source file can be simplified and opened in PDF format on any of the platforms, and the information cannot easily tamper too with.


While it may not have the same name recognition as Adobe Acrobat or Nitro Pro, Foxit Mod Apk has shown to be a worthy competitor. Foxit PDF Editor Pro APK includes all of the features that professionals require, as well as some cost savings.

Overall, having Foxit Reader Mod Apk in our catalogue has been quite beneficial. It makes report compilation considerably easier, in addition to making remote cooperation with field agents easier. We just use PDF to combine all of the individual reports submitted by our many field teams into one final document.

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