Google's forthcoming Pixel Tablet could ship with an official stylus certified by the USI

Google’s forthcoming Pixel Tablet could ship with an official stylus certified by the USI

Google’s forthcoming Pixel Tablet could ship with an official stylus certified by the USI

What you should be aware of

  • The Universal Stylus Initiative has certified the Pixel-branded tablet of Google.
  • This is thought to be an Android tablet that was announced at the I/O event by Google during it’s I/O event.
  • The certification means that the forthcoming Google Pixel Tablet will ship with a stylus that is compatible with USI.

At the Hardware I/O conference, Google formally confirmed its return to the tablet market following seven years of hiatus. Google also revealed the design of its forthcoming tablet but a little information remained a mystery including whether or not it will come with stylus.

It seems that it is likely that the Google Pixel Tablet will come with one. This tablet is part of the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) recently certified(opens in a new tab) a Google tablet codenamed “Tangor,” according to Tech website NuGiz(opens in a new tab) (via 9to5Google(opens in a new open in new tab)).

For those who aren’t familiar, USI is an alliance of companies with the goal to establish a common standard to allow interoperable active pen devices across a variety of touchscreen devices such as tablets, phones as well as computers. In the year 2018, Google joined the initiative.

The certification, however, doesn’t mention Google’s Pixel brand, and there’s nothing to show that it is referring to the forthcoming Pixel tablet, which was teased recently by Google.

9to5Google announced it was the Pixel Tablet will be the first Android device to an interface for USI standard, in the event that it can be used by consumers before.

Since Google will not launch its tablet in 2023 the device isn’t available for purchase until 2023, so there’s not any information available currently. But, Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice head of services and devices, recently declared that the device will become”the “most intelligent tablet in the world.”

There has been speculation since then to circulate suggesting that the slate may feature some sort of smart home feature However, the details remain hazy.

The only thing that is certain is that Pixel Tablet will be powered by Google’s own Tensor chipset that will allow it to compete with the top Android tablets available.


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