Twitter Circle may be starting to expand to more users of the service.

Twitter Circle may be starting to expand to more users of the service.

Twitter began testing Circle in early November with a small group of users however it appears that it’s about to expand for more people (via Android Police). It functions a bit similar to Facebook’s Close Friends, as it lets users send tweets to a particular group of people , instead of the entire Twitter community. Twitter.

At the moment, it’s not clear what percentage of people use Circle. It seems like many people (myself including) are seeing the feature appear when they begin writing tweets, but certain users haven’t been able to get access yet. A spokesperson for Twitter Joseph Nunez told The Verge that it’s in the process of testing. “We are still currently testing Twitter Circle with a group of people across iOS, Android and Web globally,” Nunez stated. “The feature has not rolled out widely to everyone yet as we continue to gather feedback.”

If you want to determine if you’re eligible for the ability to join Twitter Circle and make sure you update your Twitter app or go to Twitter using a web browser. When you’re ready to compose your tweet, you’ll be able to see an options menu at the top of the screen that is labeled All. From there, you can select Twitter Circle to restrict your message to the specific public or press the Edit button to remove or add individuals in your Circle. Twitter will not notify users when you remove or add them to your Circle.

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You can add up to 150 people to your Circle regardless of whether they are following the account you are on. People in your Circle will be able to see an additional note added to tweets that are exclusive to Circle (and reversed) with the following message: “Only people in @[yourusername]’s Twitter Circle can see this tweet.” Tweeting to your Circle is similar to having a private profile, however, it is a way to privatize certain tweets rather than restricting access to your whole profile.

Your Circle will not be allowed to retweet any content you upload to it however, they are able to screenshot as well as download the tweets. It’s important to remember those guidelines of Twitter’s Community Guidelines apply, even in the case that you’re sending tweets to a smaller number of people.


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